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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Rachel Sweetman Sweetman, Rachel Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22852897 Higher education, Education
Picture of Elin Sæther Sæther, Elin Associate Professor +47-22858334 Social studies education, sustainability education, diversity, discourse analysis
Picture of Nani Teig Teig, Nani Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22845837 EKVA, PISA, Science education, Educational Science, Learning and teaching
Picture of Steinar Theie Theie, Steinar Associate Professor +47-22858058 +47-90841167
Picture of Egil Thon Thon, Egil Senior
Picture of Inger Throndsen Throndsen, Inger Researcher +47-22856021
Picture of Terje Ulv  Throndsen Throndsen, Terje Ulv Research Assistant
Tiplic, Dijana Associate Professor +47-22854318 Learning, Leadership, Organization Theory, Educational Management
Picture of Janne von Koss  Torkildsen Torkildsen, Janne von Koss Professor +47-22845016 Language impairment, Cognitive neuroscience, Learning mechanisms, Special Needs Education, Logopedics, Language Development
Picture of Eli Tronsmo Tronsmo, Eli Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22854072 Education, Workplace learning
Picture of Stein Erik Ulvund Ulvund, Stein Erik Professor +47-22854252 Education, Child development
Picture of Kristin Beate Vasbø Vasbø, Kristin Beate Associate Professor +47-22855371
Picture of Jon Magne Vestøl Vestøl, Jon Magne Professor. Vice Dean for Studies + 47 22844595
Picture of Eva Thue Vold Vold, Eva Thue Professor - Department of Teacher Education and School Research +4722855052
Picture of Ona Bø  Wie Wie, Ona Bø Professor / Head of Department +47-22858051 +47-90920274 Special Needs Education
Wiese, Eline F. Associate Professor
Picture of Geir Wiggen Wiggen, Geir Professor Emeritus
Picture of Anne Line Wittek Wittek, Anne Line Professor +47-22858515 Education, Higher Education
Picture of Sangwon Yoon Yoon, Sangwon Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Oleg Zacharov Zacharov, Oleg Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Imac Maria Zambrana Zambrana, Imac Maria Associate Professor +47-22856073 Language development and delays, Early communcation and social cognitive skills, Learning mechanisms, Social learning processes and interaction
Picture of Laoura Ziaka Ziaka, Laoura Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Magnar Ødegård Ødegård, Magnar Lecturer +47-22859078 90629218
Picture of Marianne Ødegaard Ødegaard, Marianne Professor +47-22858115
Picture of Svein Østerud Østerud, Svein Professor Emeritus +47-22840785 +47-99278822 Education, ICT and learning