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Academic interests

Jelena is involved in different international research projects devoted to studying teaching-learning processes. Her work focuses on observing learning and instruction as processes rather than outcomes and a meeting point between different actors involved, namely students and teachers. Furthermore, she actively investigates motivation for learning and how particular instructional practices may foster such development and/or learning as a whole. Her topics of interest also include - student, teacher and school characteristics affecting academic achievement and assessing the quality and efficacy of the education system (secondary analysis of TIMSS, TALIS and PISA data).  In her work, Jelena employs various approaches constitutive to quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods research.


Since 2016 Jelena Radišić is a researcher at the Department of Teacher Education and School Research, University of Oslo. She was also a visiting researcher at the University of Bologna and the University of Gothenburg. Earlier, Radišić was a researcher at Institute for Educational Research in Belgrade (Serbia) with prior experience in teaching (upper secondary) and being a teacher educator. Her experience also stems from numerous research projects both within academia and education policy.

As of 2015, Jelena is an assistant editor in the European Journal of Psychology of Education. She also served as a JURE Coordinator for EARLI SIG 10 - Social Interaction in Learning and Instruction. 

Radišić graduated in psychology from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, where she also obtained her magister degree in developmental psychology. Her doctoral studies in educational psychology she completed at the University of Belgrade. Part of her doctoral training was held at the Doctoral School in Educational Sciences: Learning, Interaction and Schooling (DSES-LEARN), University of Gothenburg.

Before joining the TIMSS group in Norway, Jelena was involved in the 2015 TIMSS cycle in Serbia. Currently, Jelena is leading an international project focusing on developing mathematics motivation in primary education and what constitutes this process at the crossroads of school and home environments across different sites. For more information, visit


2015-2021 European Journal of Psychology of Education - Assistant Editor

2015-2019 EARLI Social Interaction in Learning and Instruction (SIG 10) - JURE Coordinator

Positions Held

2016 - 2018 University of Oslo (postdoctoral researcher)

2012 - 2016 Institute for Educational Research (Research Associate)

2004 - 2012 Upper secondary teacher


2010 EERA Scholarship for Emerging Researchers, European Educational Research Association

2010 ESP Research Fellowship 2010 (Educational Support Program - ESP of the Open Society Institute)

2009 ESP Research Fellowship 2009 (Educational Support Program - ESP of the Open Society Institute)


Current projects: mathematics competence and mathematics motivation, academic emotions, computer-based assessment in mathematics.


Emneord: EKVA, LEA, motivation, instruction, mathematics, ILSA, Literacy
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