Coding Workshop

This is a joint coding session for researchers with the accepted papers at the QUINT Conference 2022. 

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As part of the QUINT Conference 2022 "Theorizing and Measuring Teaching Quality: Instruments, Evidence and Interpretations", 7-10 June, we will organise a video coding workshop on the first day of the conference. This is a joint coding session for researchers, Postdoctoral fellows, and PhD students with accepted conference paper, interested in methodological and theoretical aspects when coding teaching quality of classroom observation.


The purpose of the workshop is to use a small sample of Nordic videos in Language Arts and Mathematics as lenses to discuss how different theoretical and analytical frameworks (be it a specific observation manuals/systems; ethnographic analyses, didactic analyses, subject specific analyses, CA analyses etc.) might serve as tools and facilitators for different - or similar - findings and patterns when analysing aspects of teaching quality. Our ambition is that this workshop will lead to continuous collaboration on classroom research on teaching quality the following autumn and winter.


Two 30-minute videos clips from QUINT LISA Nordic classrooms in each subject area will be temporarily available for participants. Participants will choose either the Language Arts or the Mathematics videos to focus on. The videos will have English subtitles.

Participants will have access to the target videos three weeks before the conference, and will then apply their own framework to analyze teaching quality. These analyses will be presented and used for a joint session discussing the patterns of teaching quality produced with the different frameworks.

Access to videos:


The attendance list has reached its capacity. 

The target group is researchers and PhD and Postdoctoral fellows with an accepted conference paper. We have limited spots available for this workshop and we will therefore prioritise to include as many different frameworks as possible.

All applicants must meet the following requirements to be considered:

  • Plan to participate in the conference/have submitted an abstract for the QUINT 2022 conference
  • Willing to apply your own framework to two of the video clips (mathematics or LA) before the conference 
  • Express your interest before 27 March by submitting your registration and a one-page description of your framework (Template
  • Bring your analyses and present your analyses at the workshop


Funded by:

The initiative is also supported by the research project SYNthesizing research on TEaching Quality (SYNTEQ), Research Council of Norway, project number 300791.


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