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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Åste Marie Mjelve Hagen Hagen, Åste Marie Mjelve Associate Professor +47 22857025
Picture of Bente Eriksen Hagtvet Hagtvet, Bente Eriksen Professor emeritus +47-41601990
Picture of Sigurd Hasle Hasle, Sigurd Senior Executive Officer +47 22858014 Student and Academic Administration, Admissions
Picture of Christiane Haukedal Haukedal, Christiane Senior Lecturer +47 22858111
Picture of Hanne Næss Hjetland Hjetland, Hanne Næss Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22858111
Picture of Eva Hjörne Hjörne, Eva Professor II
Picture of Silje Hokstad Hokstad, Silje Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22858107 +47 48110271
Picture of Charles Hulme Hulme, Charles Professor II
Picture of Kathrine Høegh-Omdal Høegh-Omdal, Kathrine Adviser +47 22859164 Research support
Picture of Siri Høgseth Høgseth, Siri Administrative Manager +47 22858303
Picture of Silje Merethe Hansen Ingebretsen Ingebretsen, Silje Merethe Hansen Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22855304
Picture of Berit Johnsen Johnsen, Berit Associate Professor +47 22858076
Picture of Andréa Chanell Jønsberg Jønsberg, Andréa Chanell Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22856715 Educational audiology, children with hearing loss, listening, language development
Picture of Melanie Kirmess Kirmess, Melanie Associate Professor/ Head of Studies- Department of Special Needs +47 22858068 +47 95129142
Picture of Tomas Kliukas-Askim Kliukas-Askim, Tomas Executive Officer +47 22858043
Picture of Anett Kaale Kaale, Anett Associate Professor +47 22856636 +47 41780045 Autism spectrum disorder, intervention, preschool, social communication, USA
Picture of Liv Margarete  Lassen Lassen, Liv Margarete Professor emeritus +47 22858059
Picture of Anders Lunde Lunde, Anders Head Engineer +47 22858132
Picture of Solveig-Alma Halaas Lyster Lyster, Solveig-Alma Halaas Professor Emeritus +47-90653063
Picture of Björn Lyxell Lyxell, Björn Professor +47 22858144
Picture of Ulrika  Löfkvist Löfkvist , Ulrika Associate Professor +47-22859165 Nordic
Picture of Monica Melby-Lervåg Melby-Lervåg, Monica Professor 004722858138 004792615071 meta-analysis, dyslexia, systematic reviews, language impairment, intervetions, working memory, second language learners, USA, India
Picture of Liv Heidi Mjelve Mjelve, Liv Heidi Associate Professor +47 22858131
Picture of Lobna Mohamed Mohamed, Lobna Higher Executive Officer +47 22854107
Picture of Riikka-Maija Mononen Mononen, Riikka-Maija Associate Professor +47 22855638 Mathematical learning difficulties, Interventions, Assessment, Numeracy