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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Rachelle Esterhazy Esterhazy, Rachelle Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22858113 Education, Higher education
Picture of Ester Fremstad Fremstad, Ester Senior Lecturer +47 22857305 +47 41414620 Academic development, Higher Education, Responsibility
Picture of Jo Inge Johansen Frøytlog Frøytlog, Jo Inge Johansen Education, ICT and learning
Picture of Hege Jahr Glomnes Glomnes, Hege Jahr Adviser +47 22858813 Study administration
Picture of Germán García Grande Grande, Germán García Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22855303 +47-46788674 Education, Comprehending and learning from text
Picture of Ulf Tero Grefsgård Grefsgård, Ulf Tero Senior Executive Officer +47 22858150 Research administration
Picture of Terje Grønning Grønning, Terje Professor +47 22855336 Education, Workplace learning, Japan
Picture of Cindy Grønsberg Grønsberg, Cindy Senior Executive Officer +47 22844474 Study administration
Picture of Vibeke Grøver Grøver, Vibeke Professor +47 22857601 Education, Comprehending and learning from text, USA
Picture of Ridah Haider Haider, Ridah Higher Executive Officer +47 22855352 Reception, Study administration
Picture of Mervi Anneli Hasu Hasu, Mervi Anneli Associate Professor +47 22854336 Education, Workplace learning
Picture of Kristinn Hegna Hegna, Kristinn Professor +47 22840711 Education, Modern childhood
Picture of Hege Yvonne Hermansen Hermansen, Hege Yvonne Associate Professor +47 22858803 +47-90882506 Education, Workplace learning, Higher education
Picture of Per Hetland Hetland, Per Professor Emeritus +47-98888166 Education, ICT and learning, Social media, Museums and communication, Global South
Picture of Annette Hjelmevold Hjelmevold, Annette Senior Executive Officer +47 22855355 Study administration
Picture of Kjetil Horn Hogstad Hogstad, Kjetil Horn Lecturer +47 22844883 Philosophy of education, Bildung, Ontology, Education
Picture of Hansjörg Hohr Hohr, Hansjörg Professor Emeritus Education, Bildung
Picture of Magnus Hontvedt Hontvedt, Magnus Associate Professor +47 93653245 Education, ICT and learning
Picture of Bernadette Hörmann Hörmann, Bernadette Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22858151 Education, Fundamental questions in education, Comparative and international studies
Picture of Samia Iram Iram, Samia Higher Executive Officer +47 22855356 Study administration, Reception
Picture of Harald Jarning Jarning, Harald Associate Professor +47 22856283 Education, Bildung, History of Education
Picture of Karen Jensen Jensen, Karen +47 22855357 Education, Workplace learning, Higher education
Picture of Karl Øyvind Jordell Jordell, Karl Øyvind Professor Emeritus +47 98478054 Education, Teacher education
Picture of Rogers Kaliisa Kaliisa, Rogers Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22845318 Education, ICT and learning
Picture of Berit Karseth Karseth, Berit Professor +47 22855292 Education, Curriculum studies