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Ph.D. projects

Ph.D. students from LiDA participate in national and international research projects and networks.

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Digital Dialogues

Jo Inge Johansen Frøytlog
Supervisor: Ingvill Rasmussen

Meaning-Making and Participation in Digital Cultural Heritage

Emily Oswald
Supervisors: Palmyre Pierroux and Line Esborg

Young children's use of digital tools across home and pre-school

Kenneth Pettersen
Supervisors: Kenneth Silseth and Hans Christian Arnseth

Developing norms of engagement to promote productive dialogues using Talkwall

Anja Amundrud
Supervisors: Ingvill Ramsussen og Ole Smørdal

STEAM in the Library. A cultural-historical approach on the adoption of maker-practice in a Norwegian public library

Gro Skåland
Supervisors: Hans Christian Arnseth and Palmyre Pierroux

Leveraging learning analytics to support learning design choices

Rogers Kaliisa
Supervisors: Anders Kluge and Anders Mørch

Conflicting Ideals in Nordic Parenting: An Enquiry into Narratives of Intensive Parenting and Child Autonomy
Living the Nordic Model

Victoria de Leon Born
Supervisors: Kristinn Hegna

Democracy, civic education and digital platforms

Neha Singh Gabrielsen

Supervisors: Ingvill Rasmussen, Ole Smørdal and Sten Ludvigsen

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