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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Doris Jorde Jorde, Doris Professor and Head of ProTed +47 22856110 +47 93406990
Picture of Alfredo Jornet Gil Jornet Gil, Alfredo Professor +47 22840146 +4795156142 +47 95156142 Informal learning, Science education, Inquiry-based learning, Situated cognition, sociocultural-perspective
Kalsoom, Amina Senior Executive Officer +47 22854157
Picture of Jasmina Kazazic Kazazic, Jasmina Higher Executive Officer
Picture of Magdalena Kersting Kersting, Magdalena Postdoctoral Fellow Physics education, Science education, STEM, Technolog-based learning, Design-based research, history and philosophy of science, embodied cognition
Picture of Marit Kjærnsli Kjærnsli, Marit Associate Professor +47 22854153 +47 97726569
Picture of Kirsti Klette Klette, Kirsti Professor +47 22855285 +47 93446608 USA, Nordic, QUINT, Nordic centre of excellence
Picture of Heidi Kleveland Kleveland, Heidi Lecturer
Picture of Sarah Beate Klingseid Klingseid, Sarah Beate Senior Executive Officer +47-22855126 Study administration
Picture of Erik Knain Knain, Erik Professor +47 22858252 Sustainability education, Inquiry-based learning, socio-scientific issues, scientific literacy
Picture of Karsten Korbøl Korbøl, Karsten Lecturer +47 22844864 +4799232327
Kovpanets, Oksana Researcher
Picture of Heidi Kristensen Kristensen, Heidi Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Ole Andreas Kvamme Kvamme, Ole Andreas Associate Professor +47 22844867 +4790011561
Picture of Hege Kaarstein Kaarstein, Hege Researcher +47 22856602
Picture of Astrid Waaler Kaas Kaas, Astrid Waaler Head of Office +47 22855018 Strategic planning, organisational development, HES, Recruitment, Personnel management
Picture of Eli Kristiansen Kåsamoen Kåsamoen, Eli Kristiansen Adviser +47 22857879
Picture of Eivind Larsen Larsen, Eivind Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Anne-Catherine W G Lehre Lehre, Anne-Catherine W G Researcher +47 22854151
Picture of Eli Lejonberg Lejonberg, Eli Associate Professor +47 22858250 Japan
Picture of Gunnar Lid Lid, Gunnar Head Engineer
Picture of Anne Lidal Lidal, Anne Senior Executive Officer +47 22854154
Picture of Andreas Lund Lund, Andreas Professor +47 22855068 +4791304004 +4791304004
Lund, Jon Arild Adviser +47 22844825
Picture of Ida Cheyenne Martinez Lunde Lunde, Ida Cheyenne Martinez Doctoral Research Fellow